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Fun With A. C. Gilbert S Gauge Trains

   We just want to have fun with American Flyer Trains and have established an internet based club in Denver Colorado for American Flyer enthusiasts.  We are somewhat unique in that we have formed a toy train collector and operator's club with;

  • No Dues
  • No Officers
  • No Constitution or By-Laws
  • No Rules
  • No Politics
  • Just fun with American Flyer trains

   To join all we need is your name and email address. You can sign up on our About Us page. The membership is free and you can opt out any time.

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  2017 Lionel American Flyer Catalog
   The 2017 catalog of American Flyer items from Lionel is available on their website.

2017 American Flyer Catalog

Club News

   03/21/2016 - We added an American Flyer Layout by Ray Puls to the Member Videos page.
   A really nice Video of Ray Puls' American Flyer "S" Gauge Layout.
 The video was made over the weekend by Fred during a "play trains" session after the club, (The Badgerland "S" Gaugers) meeting.
   Ray also sent us pictures of the layout under construction that are on the Member Layouts page.

Copies of Gilbert Advertising

     Scanned copies of some American Flyer and Gilbert advertisements on the Gilbert Advertising page.

The Story of The A. C. Gilbert Company

   Club Member Tom Barker has produced a YouTube video telling the story of the A. C. Gilbert Company. 2013 was the 100th Anniversary of the introduction of the ERECTOR SET. This is the story of that event and the company behind it. It also shows the era of the heyday of the company and then its eventual demise and why that happened due to sociological changes.

Story of the A C Gilbert Company Video

Layout Pictures & Videos

    03/21/2016 - An American Flyer Layout by Ray Puls on the Member Videos page.
   A really nice Video of Ray Puls' American Flyer "S" Gauge Layout.
 The video was made over the weekend during a "play trains" session after the club, (The Badgerland "S" Gaugers) meeting.

    08/19/2015 - An American Flyer Layout By Thomas Barker.
    Tom sent us pictures of his layout Member Layouts - Tom Barker.  We have also added a page for his best selling guides to the repair and restoration of Gilbert American Flyer S Gauge trains that are available in print once more. Now celebrating its 40th Anniversary. See the book description and Tom's bio on Tom Barker's Books. Tom also has a new book
"Gilbert American Flyer S Gauge Operating & Repair Guide: Third Edition Volume 2"


     12/07/2010 - The following link is to Chuck Eral’s American Flyer Table-top Train Layout blog A picture of the layout is on the right. While building his current (5'x16')Arizona Mountain to Desert model train layout he will be updating his web site pages weekly to show his layout's progress.
   The following is a link
to his Video Library featuring the American Flyer UP Northern 4-8-4 (with RailSound 5.0) and other of his Flyer videos

     12/07/2010 - Several pictures of his layout contributed by Martin Lukatch.

     10/06/2010 - American Flyer Train Layout Pro Video
    A wonderful video of a 300 sq foot layout on YouTube. It portrays how American Flyer trains are to be played with and enjoyed by children.

     A video from Carl Tuveson ( on YouTube. It shows the  American Flyer Big Boy using a TMCC Servo Controlled Pan Head on a Key Chain Camera Car. See Carl's new video on the Layout Videos page (the second one down).

    Three member layouts have been added to the website.

1. Randy Thompson added pictures and an article about the building of a new train room with
    a 1950's "retro" style American Flyer layout.
Read more

2. Robert Graves, a member of the San Diego S-Gaugers, a club formed to promote S-Scale
    model railroading in all its flavors, sent us information on a modular layout he has been
    working on.
Read more

3. Tim Brown is in the process of the tear-down and re-build of his fifth "permanent" American
    Flyer based layout in his 20’ X 40’ train room. You will find a link to his blog on the
    Member Layouts page.

   See more layouts on our Member Layouts page. And remember, we would like to feature your layouts on this website. We are always looking for pictures of member's current or early American Flyer layouts (with captions and/or articles) to post.  Any layout is fun and there are many kinds of American Flyer layouts from the very basic tracks around the Christmas tree to the largest, most complete and complex layouts. We would like to see them all.

A Website Featuring American Flyer Displays

   An entire website dedicated to preserving the history of the classic Gilbert American Flyer display layouts.
The following is a description of the site taken from their home page;

   In these pages, we hope to provide a place to explore the history and art of the classic American Flyer display layouts in all their forms, including:

The factory prepared layouts and displays that were sold to dealers,
The custom department store layouts that delighted young and old at Christmas time,
The layouts illustrated in various consumer catalogs, whether they actually existed or not,
The Boy's Railroad Club Layout, featured on the television series, and finally,
The granddaddy of all the display layouts, the custom layouts created for the Gilbert Halls of Science

   Whether you want to relive the days when these layouts actually existed, or want to recreate some of them, either in whole or in part, we hope these web pages will be useful and enjoyable. We have included track plans with accessory placement based as closely as possible on the contents lists for most of the factory display layouts. On the other layouts we have attempted to approximate the track plans based on photographs.

American Flyer Videos

   Our Videos page has links to YouTube videos of American Flyer trains from the past as well as videos of some current layouts.

   Also on the page is a link to our Member's layout videos.

   On the "1950s Television Shows" page are copies of the "You Asked For It' television show episode and two commercials from the 50's and 60's.

Flyer Links & Other Links pages

   Check out our "Flyer Links" and "Other Links" pages. We have added links to other websites that may be of interest to club members.

   We are just beginning to add links to the list that we hope will eventually become a valuable reference for all American Flyer enthusiasts.

Do you recognize this building?

Pictures Sent To Us By Member G. Lott
More info...

To A Man about to Buy an Electric Train for His Boy
A 1954 message from A. C. Gilbert

   BUYING an electric train is an important step for most people. It frequently represents a sizeable investment, not only in dollars but in hours of future happiness for that boy of yours and for you.




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