An American Flyer Layout
By Martin Lukatch

It is really fun to see these guys getting their flyer stuff out and putting together layouts.

 I'm sending you a few photos so you can see what I been up to.  This is really my first "major attempt"  to make a S-Gauge layout.

 In the first photo this is the approach leading into the station.  It's not seen in this photo, but I added Lionel double signal bridge over the track.  I like the Lionel bridge as I can have 3 trains running under the bridge.

 In the next few photos you can see the yard arrangement that I currently have.

 And in the last photo you can see the track leading to the yard.  I would like to have the curves closer together as I do in the first photo.  But I guess I have to give that up to have a yard with passing tracks.


Fun With The Wonderful A. C. Gilbert S Gauge Trains

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