An American Flyer Modular Layout
By Robert Graves

   I am a member of the San Diego S-Gaugers, a club formed to promote S-Scale model railroading in all its flavors. We have built a modular layout with ten four-foot straight modules and four corners. Two more straight modules are under construction and a corner and reverse corner are in the planning stage so we can display a dogleg configuration. The layout is compliant with the NASG S-MOD standard in hopes that some day we will have the opportunity to connect to one or more other clubs in a very large modular layout.

   Below is a picture of the four modules that I built. (They are currently set up in my living room for repairs and refinement in preparation for a show in July.) They show the American Flyer side of S-Scale model railroading. Most of the equipment is original A.C.Gilbert Flyer, though there are a couple of remakes. It is set up as a siding off the twin mainlines (hence we call it "The Gilbert Siding.")

   On the right (west) end module are the 774 Light Tower, 583 Electromagnetic Crane, Plasticville Yard Tower, 713 Special Rail Section with mail pickup stanchion for the 718 & 918 mail cars, and the street lamp from the 778 set.

   On the second module are Lionel's 49812 remake of the Talking Station, the other two street lamps from the 778 set, 759 Bell Danger Signal, 712 Special Rail Section that I use for the 915 auto unloading flatcar (that's a HUGE hit with kids at train shows!), 23791 Cow on the Track (another huge hit), and the 771 Stockyard.

   On the third module are the MTH remake of the 787 Log Loader, 768 Oil Supply Depot, 779 Oil Drum Loader, 271 Whistle Stop Set, and 23796 Sawmill.

   Finally, the fourth module features the 775 Baggage Loading Platform and 712 Special Rail Section to unload the car, 577 or 568 Whistling Billboard (I alternate them at different shows for variety), and the 596 Operating Water Tank.

   On the visitor's side of the modules, I have buttons so visitors (of all ages) can operate the Water Tank, Whistling Billboard, auto unloading flatcar, and Cow on the Track. (On my side, I have override switches so I can cut off misbehaving visitors!)

   The following video of the earlier modules was taken when the San Diego S-Gaugers set up and ran their modular layout on the Labor Day weekend, 2009.


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