An American Flyer Layout
By Ray Puls

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     I have put together some photos as the layout was being built. I did not start with a track plan on paper but had in my head what I wanted to build. I wanted a layout that would have long straight sections of track which make a long train seem more in place and because the area for the layout is long and narrow my widest part of the layout is only eight feet wide, most of the length it is only six feet wide. This presented the need for the backdrop to run down the center, I wanted to get away from the appearance of the trains going around in circles.
     In the future I am planning to have operating sessions on this American Flyer layout during which I am hoping to have operators build trains, drop and pick up cars and break these trains down in the yard. As can be seen in the video there is still need for more of the landscaping to be completed. - Ray

I have not been able to come up with the layout drawing that I later made but did find a Scarm project that I did.
This shows the layout and is very close to the actual layout configuration, it does not show elevations however. - Ray

 At this time there were three modules assembled and I laid out
 track with Roadbed to get an idea of where the track would go.

This is also the initial planning stage that was done for the layout. I did not have a plan drawn up but,
 after getting some of the bench work built and knowing what I wanted to do for the layout, I proceeded to try laying out the track.

I tried several different configurations for the track plan before I got the
routing of the track that I desired. As you can see there are still only three modules.

The rail sides were painted to disguise the height of the rails

The layout was to have two reverse loops and two relays
were needed for each because blocks ended in the middle of the loops.

  Once the basic track plan was worked out and all modules
were in place I started to add elevation.

After the elevations were set and the grade of 1 to 1 % were in place
 I started doing final track placement.

With the track in place it was time to play with the trains.

All of the mainline is down and at this time I hosted a club meeting and
we ran trains on the pink Styrofoam without any scenery.
We had members of another Wisconsin club visit at this meeting and again we played with trains!

After a time to play with the trains it was time to make more progress on the layout.
The mountain foundation was built using pink Styrofoam and more shape was added with the cardboard webbing.
This was then covered with plaster cloth and several thin coats of plaster were applied over the cloth.

This is the winter side of the mountain with plaster work started on the lower level.


More of the mountain

Now was the time to get an idea of how many buildings I would have and where to place them for the winter scene.


See a Video of Ray's American Flyer "S" Gauge Layout
on the "Videos" page under Member's Videos

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