Member's American Flyer Layouts

Member's Layout Videos:
   Members that have posted videos of their layouts on YouTube are featured on the
Videos page under "Member's Videos".

A Large American Flyer Layout By Ray Puls
   Ray sent us pictures of his layout
as it was being built and there is also a Video of Ray's American Flyer "S" Gauge Layout on the "Videos" page under Member's Videos

An American Flyer Layout By Thomas Barker
Tom sent us pictures of his layout Member Layouts - Tom Barker.  We have also added a page for his best selling guide to the repair and restoration of Gilbert American Flyer S Gauge trains that is available in print once more. Now in its 40th Anniversary. Tom Barker's Book

Chuck Eralís American Flyer Table-top Train Layout
   The following link is to Chuck Eralís American Flyer Table-top Train Layout blog A picture of the layout is on the right. While building his current (5'x16')Arizona Mountain to Desert model train layout he will be updating his web site pages weekly to show his layout's progress.  

An American Flyer Layout By Martin Lukatch
   It is really fun to see these guys getting their flyer stuff out and putting together layouts. I'm sending you a few photos so you can see what I been up to. This is really my first "major attempt"  to make a S-Gauge layout.  Article & Pictures

A "Retro" American Flyer Layout by Randy Thompson
    Recently, I read the article on Tom Millerís layout in the S Gaugian magazine and a friend Mark from the TCA gave me a copy of the Tom Miller video. His layout style presented a simple solution as to how I could get my American Flyer accessories and equipment I have been collecting out of the storage boxes and on display.  Article & Pictures

A Modular Layout by Robert Graves
As a member of the San Diego S-Gaugers, a club formed to promote S-Scale model railroading in all its flavors, he has built four American Flyer module sections for a modular layout with ten four-foot straight modules and four corners.  Article & Pictures

A Layout Teardown and Rebuild by Tim Brown
   Tim Brown is in the process of the tear-down and re-build of his fifth "permanent" American Flyer based layout in his 20í X 40í train room. Everything on the layout will be of American Flyer origin, but may be modified or modernized. If you would like to follow his progress on the build, here is a link to his blog:

A "Real Work In Progress" By Mike Prell
Mike is beginning the process of setting up a layout in his basement. Article & Pictures

A Layout by Scott Masterson
   Scott Masterson sent us these pictures of his layout.
   Article & Pictures

Members, We would like to feature your layouts here...
   We are always looking for pictures of member's current or early American Flyer layouts (with captions and/or articles) to post on the website.
   Any layout is fun and there are many kinds of American Flyer layouts from the very basic tracks around the Christmas tree to the largest, most complete and complex layouts. We would like to see them all.

The above illustration is from the top of the box for the number 720 Switches.
It shows the 644 Crane car, 585 Tool Shed, 596 Water Tower, 761 Semaphore and the 593 Signal Tower.

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