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American Flyer 30B Transformer Information
   The Tranz4mr website where you will find information on checking out an American Flyer 30B Transformer.

Carl Tuveson's Website Hints & Tips.
Hints & Tips
   Carl has a number of informative American Flyer and S Gauge tips and help on his website. Carl's S Gauge Empire Home Page is

Port Lines Hobbies American Flyer Repair Clinics
   American Flyer Repair Clinics
Port Lines Hobbies Home Page is A fantastic source for quality American Flyer parts.

Build a "Retro" Layout.
   Randy Thompson's approach to creating an easy to build 1950's train room to showcase a Flyer collection
Read more.

How to Build an American Flyer Layout on a Ping Pong Table
  This video from one of our members shows an American Flyer layout on its seasonal home on a 9 X 5 ping pong table. Member Videos

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