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   American Flyer Train Layout Pro Video
   A wonderful video of a 300 sq foot layout on YouTube. It portrays how American Flyer trains and accessories are to be played with and enjoyed by children.

   Tom Miller's Amazing American Flyer Layout.
   The video is a two minute introduction video on YouTube for a model railroading DVD available
Pacific Vista Publishing.


   Carl Tuveson's American Flyer HiRail Layout
   One of several videos posted by Carl on YouTube. For more information on Carl's layout go to or he is listed in our Links page. If you haven't yet seen his website you are in for a real treat. In addition to having a gorgeous layout, he also has a lot of tips for American Flyer trains and specializes in TMCC conversions.
   This videos shows the American Flyer Big Boy using a TMCC Servo Controlled Pan Head on the Key Chain Camera Car.

Another one of several videos posted by Carl Tuveson on YouTube.

 Another one of several videos posted by Carl Tuveson on YouTube.

Joe Runs Some American Flyer Trains

American Flyer Department Store Layout



 Just Aaron's American Flyer Trains
    A nice layout discovered on YouTube


A video tour of the S Gauge American Flyer Model Railroad Layout built by the Lone Star Flyer Model Railroad Club of Dallas, Texas.
You can visit them at

   For more American Flyer Videos go to YouTube videos - American Flyer

Fun With The Wonderful A. C. Gilbert S Gauge Trains

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